fitness+kickboxing will change your life. period.

We offer so much more than kicks and punches

You may have thought kickboxing was all about self-defense and getting fit, but in reality, it's excellent for both cardio and muscle-toning. Kickboxing is hard to top in terms of a great workout. That's why we built this complete fitness program that incorporates kickboxing.

not just kickboxing classes

We are nothing like anything they have experienced before - and this is not just a kickboxing program. Our own 7 Day Program is the most complete fitness experience possible in a group setting, that will get you the results you have been trying to get for so long.


Combining the systematic approach of fitness training with the focused intensity of martial arts:

we bring the best of both worlds.


We incorporate:

- Kickboxing -
- Resistance Training -
- Core Training -
- Plyometric Training -
- Bodyweight Conditioning -

to build a unique & 120% effective comprehensive fitness program. We combined our fitness expertise and martial-arts training, to make possible the transformation of your BODY, MIND and LIFESTYLE.


you'll KICKBOX, LIFT, and BURN your way into XFORMATION!

unlike anything you tried before.


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