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Every Day Is A New Day At XFORMATION

Boredom, fatigue, loss of motivation... We fight this by offering you a new experience EVERY SINGLE DAY. No two classes are alike at XFORMATION. Check out our program schedule below to see what makes our program so effective: each day we are taking you through a specific and targeted workout routine to maximize your results. Are you ready? Get started today >


1st day: Reset Your Week

This super efficient new workout blasts through fat while increasing your flexibility, balance, and core strength! Dynamic body-weight moves are fun and really get your heart pumping too.


2nd day: Resistance for Next Level Results

Resistance training helps you burn calories FAST. You'll look thinner, leaner, and even roast calories when you're not working out! A little weight on our end will help you loose a lotta weight on yours. Guys will bulk up with lean, slender muscle mass. Ladies will get leaner and more toned - but NOT bulk up! No worries ;-)


3rd day: Target Those Core Muscles

Blast that belly to the core - a strong center stabilizes your entire body, strengthens your legs, and improves back pain issues. Get lean and toned in no time through this fast paced, crazy-fun core training routine.


4th day: Smash PLATEAUS With Plyo Training

You'll burn an INSANE amount of calories in a really fun way as you jump into this class with both feet! Gain agility, balance, coordination, and strength through these short bursts of “jump training” workouts.

Boot Camp

5th day: Boot Camp “the Ultimate Full body Workout”

We combine our Reset, Core, Resistance and Plyo classes all together into a Killer Mash-Up style “Fat Shredding Workout”. This Class is guaranteed to help you burn and insane amount of calories FAST. You'll be on the fast track to a thinner and leaner you in no time with this workout.

Mash Up

6th day: Mash Up for Maximum Results

Get fit without losing power with this ultimate kickboxing workout- this class is furiously fast and fun! You'll get super toned as you learn to work a heavy bag while using plyometrics, abs & core work, and strength training to test your limits.


We want to inspire & motivate you every single day, so you can accomplish that healthy lifestyle.