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Danielle Leclerc Hebert

Daniel taught me how strong I can be & how mentally tough I am too!

It took just one of Daniel Sterling's classes and was hooked. Not to the class or studio itself but to Daniel's style and approach. I walked in there with my mind made up- it would be too hard and I wouldn't go back but I tried! I left there shocked by how this was mentally and physically like nothing I had ever done. I had never pushed myself so hard or done so much. As time went on I saw physical results but also increased mental strength and confidence. I hear his voice in the gym, at home and in my professional life saying, “Don't think about it just do it.” Time with Daniel made changes in me both in and out of the gym.

Meghan Dailey

I am in the best shape of my life!

If you are looking to get into amazing shape, then kickboxing with Daniel Sterling is the place to be. Not only is it challenging but his classes are addicting! In a short amount of time, by taking Daniel's classes I am in the best shape of my life. I've had gym memberships and have had personal trainers but none of it compares to Daniel's training techniques. Daniel Sterling is by far the best trainer out there!

Michelle St. Germaine

I knew after my first kickboxing class with Daniel... I was going to be a lifer!

It's been two years and the best workouts I've ever had. He pushes you to your limits every time and there's no giving up, he doesn't allow it! When I leave I'm covered in tons of sweat, it's not pretty and I feel like I'm going to die! But I can't wait to go to the next class! For the best work ever you need the “Daniel Experience” there's nothing else like it.

Jessica Moore

I give this establishment 5stars

Daniel Sterling is an awesome super kind friendly, motivational instructor who makes u feel at ease, helps u to modify workouts as needed and makes the workouts easy to understand he pushes u to ur limit and to do your best....you will deff get ur butt whooped in an hour class but so well worth it!! Thank you Mr. Sterling for making the class a friendly fun and welcoming environment with top of the line equipment I survived my 1st class


Just love this place

I look forward to my next workout even when I know Im not doing it right =), I have so much more motivation since I joined and Daniel takes his job very serious which makes me so happy I chose this place. I highly recommend it and Im proud to be a part of the group!


Amazing facility & trainer.

I hadn't worked out in almost two years prior to joining Xformation. After one short week of coming here, I knew I was hooked. After almost two months of working out here, I have seen dramatic changes in my state of mind, physical strength, and have lost some weight. I also feel much more accountable to go to class versus a gym membership, I pay $20 bucks for.


I can't say enough great things about XFORMATION!

Once you take a class, you will be addicted, like me!! Daniel's program is like no other and can't be compared to any other kickboxing studio. You will be motivated to increase your fitness ability to levels you never thought were possible....and you'll see the results to prove it!! That's the best part!


I haven't had a work out since high school where my ENTIRE body was sore afterwards.

I've taken Daniel's classes for a couple years now and my body has never been in this great of shape. Daniels classes work every part of the the body - you'll see results fast! So if you're looking for change and great full body work out, you will not be disappointed with these kickboxing classes... You'll be addicted with the way you feel!


After growing up as a competitive gymnasts

it is often very hard to fulfill yourself athletically once your competition days come to an end. After trying traditional gym workouts running, weight lifting, cycling, etc. I decided to try something completely different. So I started kickboxing training with Daniel and fell in love with his class on day one. He offers a complete full body head to toe workout that delivers guaranteed results fast. He will have you pushing yourself to limits you never thought you could get to. In a very short amount of time you will see yourself develop additional energy, a lean body, biceps and even a six pack to help keep you motivated. Daniel's classes are truly one of a kind workouts.


Daniel's kickboxing classes are incomparable to any other workout.

He makes every second count and pushes you to do more than you ever thought was possible. His classes made me so much stronger, more tone, and much more confident! I quickly saw my body transform...and so did my friends and family! Prepare to sweat like you have never sweat before...and prepare to feel like a rock star!

Jen Hanlin

You will be hooked after just one class!

The “Daniel Experience” is no joke, and will leave you wanting more. Daniel’s classes have a way of bringing you to your breaking point, and showing you how to pass it. The classes are motivating, and most importantly fun! Every day will be a new challenge, and well worth every drop of sweat.